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Treat Water Before Diluting Your Stamping Lubes

You drink bottled H2O rather than tap because it might taste “hard”, but what about using it for diluting stamping lubes? When diluted lubes dry during part storage, the remaining hard water ions can lead to problems. -Danny Schaeffler, … Continue reading


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Lubrication Technology for Metalformers, a conference from Metalforming Magazine in Feb 2019

Lubrication Technology for Metalformers, a February 2019 seminar from Metalforming Magazine, will help you learn how to select the right lubricant for your specific project based on material type, thickness, and forming challenges. The talks I’m most interested in hearing … Continue reading

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Sharp Edges Lead to Cracks? Who Knew?

“Cracks found in the Transbay Terminal superstructure appear to have started at the sharp corners of holes cut into vital steel beams during construction.” The San Francisco transit center opened in late August after 10 years of construction, costing $2.2 … Continue reading

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