​Impact of Overseas Tooling Sourcing: A report from the Center for Automotive Research ​

CAR  Director of Manufacturing, Engineering, & Technology Abe Vadhavkar writes about the impact of sourcing tools overseas on the US tool & die sector.​  ​The report​​ states that new tooling sourced in Low Cost Countries such as China and Taiwan may cost 20 percent lower than US sourced tooling, with similar time-to-completion, even with shipping. ​ Among other things, the report highlights ​the​ advanced age of US tool & die workers and potential for US-based shops to become technologically uncompetitive without new tooling business to support investment in newest machinery & tryout equipment.  ​This report offers steps to revitalize the US tool & die sector. ​


-Danny Schaeffler, https://www.EQSgroup.com and https://www.Learning4M.com  ​
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