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​​Thinner​ is not always better

​​In the case of electrical steels, thinner sheets improves motor efficiency – crucial to meet the needs of hybrid/electric vehicles. But more laminations need to be stamped from this thinner metal to get to the same stator height. An article … Continue reading


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20,000 to be hired by 2023 at POSCO as part of US$40 billion investment

Automating a 3.52 million ton Gwangyang Steel Mill blast furnace, expanding production capability of their “Giga Steel” and establishing power generation facilities using byproduct gases will use almost 60% of the investment. Other funds will be devoted to secondary battery … Continue reading

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Servo Press Technology Articles at Metalforming Magazine

Servo press selection and usage articles are curated into a Top 10 list at Metal Forming Magazine. These articles will take you through the justification process by highlighting their benefits and what these presses offer above and beyond flywheel-driven presses. … Continue reading

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4M and EQS: 4Q 2018 Sheet Metal Industry News

4M and EQS publish a newsletter covering Sheet Metal Industry news. Info from 4Q2018 and how to sign up for future issues is given here. Continue reading

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Total Elongation in a Tensile Test May Not Be The Best Formability Indicator​ for AHSS

​Tensile test elongation is not the best way to assess formability of AHSS steel. ​In a tensile test, you are averaging deformation over a ​2 inch (or more) gauge length. ​SSAB just published a good article on this, and coincidentally, … Continue reading

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