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​​iPhones will be Assembl​ed​ in the US​? Unlikely​.

When low margin high volume production leaves so does talent and necessary equipment Continue reading

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​Mazda Uses 1300 MPa (190 ksi) Cold Stamped Steel

​The 2019 Mazda 3 uses 1300 MPa (190,000 psi) steel for the front pillar and roof rail inners; the hinge pillar, roof rail, and side sill inner reinforcements, and the No. 2 crossmember. This cold-stampable steel was jointly developed by … Continue reading

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​SpaceX Starship/BFR Rocket Materials

​​SpaceX will use 3XX stainless steel for their Starship and Super Heavy rocket booster due to better performance compared with carbon fiber over the spectrum of operating temperatures and conditions encountered. @ElonMusk shows he has more than just a passing … Continue reading


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