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Self Assessment is Critical During Challenging Times

I began researching articles on self-assessment. I find that I am unable to express the value and need for self-assessment any better than this article: Whether personal or organizational, an honest self assessment helps you define a path for … Continue reading


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Build Confidence and Skill for better Production and Business Results

The two fundamental needs for growth in any business operation are confidence and ability. You must have the talent and technology to form components from the materials you choose to support. Confidence comes from a strong knowledge base to try … Continue reading

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As Materials and Technologies Change, Your Workforce Requires Different Skills and More Adaptability

Introduction / Summary The type and depth of knowledge required to form sheet metal changed along with the industry. Experience is no longer the only measure of an employee’s capabilities. During the past 25 years, thousands of new grades of … Continue reading

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Industrial Design and Sheet Metal Forming

We all hear frequent discussion about Advanced High Strength Steels, increased use of aluminum, and carbon fibres. Much of the discussion in automotive focuses on materials and processes to increase product strength and reduce mass.  A pamphlet published by Volvo … Continue reading

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IIHS Small Overlap Frontal Crash Test

New challenges are ahead in material requirements and automotive structural design.

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Training, Mathematics, and Communicating

I read a summary of a research report out of Carnegie-Mellon University this morning which found that early understanding of fractions and division predicts a student’s future math success ( Similarly, I read an interesting and somewhat humorous article in … Continue reading

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North American Deep Draw Research Group (NADDRG)

On May 15, the Spring 2012 Symposium of the North American Deep Drawing Research Group (NADDRG) was held at Oakland University, Auburn Hills, MI, with over 100 attendees from industry and academia coming to discuss the latest theoretical and practical … Continue reading

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Bridge the Gap Between Virtual Modelling and your Plant Floor

Manufacturers and designers have much interest in virtual design and modelling for formed sheet metal products. There can be significant advantages, including reduced time to manufacture, lower cost, environmental friendliness, and greater flexibility in experimentation. The problem many encounter, though, … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Material in Automotive Manufacturing

Cheap, strong, manufacturable, light-weight. That’s all the auto industry wants. Of course, there is no single material that meets all of these qualifications, at least not under today’s economics and technologies. The likely candidates – steel, aluminum, magnesium, and composites … Continue reading

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AHSS Applications in Automotive

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) just released a 42 page report titled AHSS 101: Evolving Use of Advanced High-strength Steels for Automotive Applications. It’s a great overview of the different grades of AHSS and their applications. For a … Continue reading

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