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Combat Risk of Job Loss with Training

75 million job losses; 133 million job gains. Your skills determine which group you are in. Continue reading

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​​iPhones will be Assembl​ed​ in the US​? Unlikely​.

When low margin high volume production leaves so does talent and necessary equipment Continue reading

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4M and EQS: 4Q 2018 Sheet Metal Industry News

4M and EQS publish a newsletter covering Sheet Metal Industry news. Info from 4Q2018 and how to sign up for future issues is given here. Continue reading

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​Made it to the “Top 5 in 365” list at!

The “Top 5 in 365” list of the five most-popular stamping related articles on is out, and 4M is on it! From Bill Frahm’s article, Statistics and Probability for Better Decisions in Manufacturing, “If you manage the manufacture of high-volume … Continue reading


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​Impact of Overseas Tooling Sourcing: A report from the Center for Automotive Research ​

​CAR  Director of Manufacturing, Engineering, & Technology Abe Vadhavkar writes about the impact of sourcing tools overseas on the US tool & die sector.​  ​The report​​ ​states that new tooling sourced in Low Cost Countries such as China and Taiwan may … Continue reading

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Increasing Profits by Reducing Complexity and Focusing on Customer

After almost 20 years of losses, GM’s former European division is profitable one year after being sold to the parent company of Peugeot / Citroën. Continue reading

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