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Total Elongation in a Tensile Test May Not Be The Best Formability Indicator​ for AHSS

​Tensile test elongation is not the best way to assess formability of AHSS steel. ​In a tensile test, you are averaging deformation over a ​2 inch (or more) gauge length. ​SSAB just published a good article on this, and coincidentally, … Continue reading

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Aluminum and Steel Battle for Supremacy in Automotive Applications

There are benefits and challenges associated with each metal, and automakers need to consider strength, stiffness, manufacturing, weight, and cost – and many more characteristics. Steelmakers and aluminum producers are eager to help: 2 tons of sheetmetal are purchased for … Continue reading

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Terms in the Sheet Metal Industry

You might think that you know what you’re asking for, but when talking with your supplier, it’s important that you both use the same language to be sure you’ll get what you need. See my article on the meanings of … Continue reading

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Hardness Testing: Rockwell / Brinell / Vickers Scales and Applicability to Stamped Sheet Steel Parts

You’ve probably noticed that hardness is sometimes reported on your sheet metal certs (and if you see it, you are likely paying for it, probably a few dollars a ton). If you are using mild steel that’s about 1.5 mm … Continue reading

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