New to Hot Stamping?

Mike Austin of Diversified Tooling Group writes about Hot Stamping in the latest issue of the Stamping Journal, He highlights the many ways that hot forming is so much more complex than conventional cold stamping. Just one: Problems from friction appear differently in hot stamping- because there is a different root cause, there is a different corrective action. Free flow of metal into the cavity minimizes friction, but the critical cooling rate is difficult to achieve uniformly across the part without intimate contact with water cooled dies.

Read more about the complexities of hot stamping at 

-Danny Schaeffler, and

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2 Responses to New to Hot Stamping?

  1. Robert says:

    What’s the best way to remove the buildup on the dies.

  2. dannyeqs says:

    It depends on what the buildup is – either oxide/scale if you are using a bare product, or galvanized zinc or aluminum-silicon coating. It’s probably OK to use the typical way of removing the buildup, but keep in mind that if you are too aggressive, you can change the local contour of the tool, which in turn changes the tool-to-sheetmetal contact, which changes how the heat is extracted and the cooling rate, which changes the properties that are produced. And if you are not aggressive enough, you leave a foreign material on the tool surface which affects heat extraction/cooling rate as well. It’s best to design a part where metal flow does not result in coating/oxide buildup.

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